Human life international Kenya, an affiliate organization of the human life international is a prolife non-governmental organization which has been at the forefront in advocating for the dignity of human life from conception until natural death while holding a very strong stand against vices of abortion and contraception practices in the society among others.

It started operations back in 1999 led by Rev. Fr. Prof. Raphael Charles Wanjohi who was the director. Currently the organization is led by Rev. Fr. Samuel Gatimu. HLI Kenya holds two offices, the headquarter in South B, Nairobi and another one in Nyeri town, Kenya.

HLI KENYA mission is to welcome, defend, protect and promote human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

Father Gatimu

HLI Kenya instruments of operation are: Prayer, Education, Counseling and Guidance

HLI KENYA focused on teaching the aspect of Prolife and Profamily to as many people as possible and owing to the fact that the organization is founded on Catholic Christian doctrine in Kenya it started with two chapters. These included the Priests chapter and the Seminarian’s chapter.

The need to increase reach of information to many more people led to formation of two other chapters which included the professionals’ chapter which was made of people who are practicing in different careers like law, accounting, medicine etc. and the student’s chapter which targets teaching prolife in different tertiary learning institutions like universities and colleges around the country.