This is a group under prolife Kenya movement which is guided by the Human Life International (HLI). The main purpose of this group is to enlighten people about the sanctity and sacredness of human life.

Members of this group are warriors and advocates of life who fight to protect and defend human life. The issues we address as a group including but are not limited to crisis pregnancies, abortion, post-abortion trauma, contraception, depression, suicide, family, drug and substances abuse, the essence of the family (pro-family). As prolifers, we engage in activities such as prolife workshops, intercampus prolife seminars, charity work, guiding and counseling, creating awareness on life and matters life, and weekly meetings which involve discussions on life matters. “Some of the activities, services and sessions we usually have and share with specific people are confidential and non-judgemental”

We usually hold our meetings on Thursdays at Ndingi Hall within the KUCC compound from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm anyone is welcomed.

The membership of the group is open and we would like once more to invite you to come and learn. With our able chaplain Rev. Fr. Bonface Kariuki we have done a lot and there is more to conquer.

Be part of this family and save a life.

For any information contact: 0740 320568, 0741897195, 0742 765280

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