The embers of the religious question youth ask in their daily life.

It’s true that most of our youths don’t read the bible. But it’s no less true that they desperately seek an answer to their basic problems. The questions are the proof of it: they reveal the inescapable need for truth. There’s no point for parents and educators to play the ostrich behind the questions. Young people need to be listened to attentively, followed discreetly and helped competently to form an interior hierarchy of values. The answer to their questions ought to be exhaustive, inspired in common sense and above all in the wisdom of the Gospel. The youth need to know Christ in order to love Him because He is the key, the Centre and purpose of man and this makes Human life transparent and teaches the art of loving and of living. We need to perceive the fascination of Jesus’ person, the relevance of His doctrine and the strength born of His love. Jesus is the only answer for those who believe in Him and is our measure of being.

By Douglas Okenyoru